Social prescription and mental health; my participation requires no permission.

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Performing DNA; social prescription and mental health is a new project that has been commissioned by the Yard Theatre, London, as part of NOW 2020.

The project stems from my most recent performance with clay, ‘Uro’, a 6-hour performance commissioned by SPILL Festival of Performance Art and based on the ideas of dying, rebirth, depression and clay as a material representation of degeneration and regeneration. Working with the ideas derived from the performance ‘Uro’, I have been exploring the boundaries of health and nutrition, dealing with depression, I used the process of juicing vegetables and fruits, to create rituals that enabled me to work through the difficulties I was experiencing. Through this, exploring notions of social prescription and health; the proposition of self-care as a socially performed medication

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Uro, a SPILL Commission at SPILL Festival 2018,
photo by Guido Mencari

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Performing DNA; Social Prescription and Mental Health

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha will be presenting an extract online from her current project, Performing DNA; social prescription and mental health on Saturday 2 November 2019. She is an international artist whose work has been commissioned by festivals such as SPILL Festival, In Between Time, Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival and so on.

She says “My work sits within a space of flux, I make work that are my acts of protest. As an artist I work with the ethos of sharing to care, what I have to bring is myself and the knowledge of sharing to care. My current research questions relate to mental health, the performance of health and the politics of living within a body marginalised within the care system.”

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