L’Insominac à L’Aube to Dusk

An installation that invites an awake interactions together or alone with recycled items to create various sounds. In turn, these sounds will create ripples.

L’Insominac à L’Aube to Dusk invites the surrounding sounds in our connection with solitude when awake vs the inevitable unconscious state of sleep or in a dreamlike state, which is experienced alone.

However, what happens when we resist the paralysis of our bodies with its overactive activities of the mind when asleep to an overly awake active mind when awake?

Do surrounding sounds become chaos or soothing?

Do these resonate into our unconscious minds connecting threads, rewiring the self to then reflect within our relationship with ourselves and to others?

Is there a connection to a conversation?

Can L’Insominac à L’Aube be a conversation with ourselves?

Is this my dialogue?

L’Insominac à L’Aube to Dusk (see below)

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