new world of ash

The map has held me for a long time. I am a prisoner to the places that I am connected to and ultimately longing for, within this connection, this embrace, an unrequited love. I am outside, when once part of the inside. The memories that I have lost, the ones that I search and long for are now decimated, they are brother and sister to the scorched earth and politics of our time, the lost time is embers among the soil, among the blackened parchment, once lines and markers of territory for men. The map is burning, it will become ash and from the ruin, Genesis will begin to make a new world.

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  1. Beautiful words. So interesting to read this on a blog titled Mermaid’s and Pirates. You have been working with maps for a long time, and yet the unplanned connotation of maps in relation to pirates really inspires the imagination to explore meaning and ideas. Such as the charted vs the uncharted, the exploration and the thirst for perceived treasure.

  2. Care to borrow a memory?

    I remember woodsmoke
    Sharp with dry eucalyptus
    Gusting in my face, harsh against my throat
    Stick in hand stirring the fire
    Just to be the one to adjust the inferno
    Woosh and spluttering
    The sparks leap darkly into night
    Stars bright
    Leaves rustle like dry paper all about
    Embers glimmer like pulsing shells of memory
    Toast on long fire forks
    Tea in blackened kettles
    Hiss of gas lamps
    Warbling of bedding down birds
    Dry grass and dry earth round my feet
    A tree stump to sit on
    Not round the fire so much
    But anywhere in the cacophonous bush
    Memories of sunlight
    Raining sundrops on my skin
    Shimmers of heat wobbling above melting
    Tarmac black as magpie wings

    As a girl I made my own maps to tread
    the destination a deliberate surprise
    Left, right, up two paces, turn again,
    walk 100 paces. A sequence
    of arrows
    For the joy of arriving somewhere new
    Can you trace my pathway?
    Are your legs longer than mine?

  3. lovely … amazing idea of borrowing a memory…… I had an accident, nearly left , still here, however it was a cause of slight amnesia… for years after i mixed memories and dreams, imagined thoughts got lost but realised as new reality, i thought i was an alter boy in my childhood, however those years i was away in hospital so could not of been true… when i realised this it shook my core and leaves me to doubt my own self still today.

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