An Encounter

my first cross group encounter

Maija (M for short)
thank you for walking with me
whispering, breaking free for awhile
from your soapbox constraints
a self imposed 1.5×1.5 white void
in this confined space
can you let yourself be?

back to your verse M
it has stirred my midnight sleep
allowing me to leap about
with my words
tentatively flowing out

to quote your phrase
“Karen spinning through the air already”
with particular focus on the already-ness of the word
of the moment
did you not know M
I live in the air
I am in perpetual flight
flying through the spacebetween
moving on a smooth unknown trajectory
ha! I hear you, I agree
I mostly spin off-balance
a closer descriptive
for my urban exploratory
of space in a place

the voice memo M
sent shivers up/down my spine
making me pause with wonder
your whispering secret words
of a moment in action
commending the taking of action
without too much thought
my reaction flows
as the story begins

a resized image
a helping hand
an instigator of pondering!
a conversational life-line
a flow of midnight words
my thesaurus warns
I have a long way to fly
for my words are rusty
at best they are a brain pour
popping out in little bursts
tumbling forth
lazy in a daze
they stretch their limbs
I watch in wonder
from on high
urging them to break free
teasing them to just be

An Encounter with Maija
Midnight Word Flow

9 comments on “An Encounter”

  1. Really good to be able listen to your voice Karen, rather than just read, a lovely storytelling quality

    1. Thankyou James I feel like it becomes a deeper story with reading & listening together with the erratic writing & editing process I seem to have adopted K

  2. This is brilliant and yes I did know that’s why I said it 🙂 oh my gosh hearing you read it was An Experience! Totally new element and another layer of goodness!

    1. Thankyou @maija for giving me a chance to retread & reflect, even re-listen – am I obsessed?
      Re-read has become retread Maija amazing these little words have a tendency to re-write themselves. I think this blog has become a REPLY replacement blog – my words are a stirring ………

      you do know M!!!! I can fly – not many people do!

      1. P.S. that is why I created the “Reactions” blog, so that I (and we) have somewhere to reply to all the content here. A kind of cross-over space. As my group is quiet in the lead up to our residency I didn’t want to swamp their shared blog with replies to other artists lol.

  3. It is sooo much fun, journeying with you and your words Karen! Do I detect surprise at yourself? The erratic discovery is part of the joy of witnessing it for me, as well as the delightful surprise of the unpredictable flow becoming un-dammed.

    I relate very much to benefiting from having people to write to, conversationally. It energises me, and helps me find and follow threads, seemingly informally, but perhaps it is a way of living too, a way of being. Perhaps it’s no accident we are here now. Now I’m aware of it, I’d even say I NEED someone to write to, at least one, to keep pace with myself and not grow stagnant in my practice.

    Like you, I find it energising, to use words to share during explorations. Suddenly they become co-explorations.

    I was thinking about how your words go quiet without conversation and I was thinking about bodies of water. It’s like being a lake that is silent until a pebble drops into it. Ripples fan out depending on exactly where that pebble was dropped, and the shape of it, etc, and suddenly there is movement, and you can wax lyrical on the sensation and the sight of it, the water coming to know itself in relation to all the things within and around it.

    But also it is like the whisper of wind. It is the wind who flies over the surface of the water, in the space between the puddle and the skyscraper. It is the air that carries the whisper of the wish, the inspiration, and the thought from one place to another.

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