rules of ash

The Dissent is what, to dissent is what, the map is gone to dust and ash, removed is the controls, the lines , the borders, the rules are mine.

1: all are excluded, they are inside, we are outside.
2: CAS is outside, they are the bonds between the spaces, between the inside and outside, you will be given the ash to dissent, to build, use, remake, Genesis will be thine!!!!!!

5 comments on “rules of ash”

  1. But we have also become the inside. Invited into the uni space, placing our thoughts, items and ash on the walls. Can we dissent from within? How do we dissent against the rules that becoming insiders have placed upon us? What boundaries, rules and ‘maps’ are involved in this process? Do we need to destroy or can we manipulate? Reuse…..Rethink. New rules. New boundaries or no boundaries…. our boundaries…. laid loosely in order to shape and shift them as we need.

    1. manipulate??? nice, yet the map is already a tool , a weapon for manipulation, i have rejected it and the power of it and bring it to you to control.

  2. ‘The Dissent is what, to dissent is what, the map is gone to dust and ash…’

    I actually find this line really reassuring right now Andy. To remember that to not know is crucial. Dissent is what? Does it matter? do we just need to let go of ‘Dissent’ and be?

    1. Dissent comes from individual desire to see alternatives represented or made possible. So yes, to be, to be oneself, and to be aware of one’s experiences of dissonance, difference, and perspective is in my opinion the only way to approach this that makes sense.

      We’re not interested in dissenting for the sake of it, or creating a new normal in which we all prescribe to the same alternative vision… instead it’s about finding our way through dialogue, a dialogue that accommodates diverse and different perspectives. To say – you are allowed to dissent – is the dissent in itself. Is our discomfort with it, evidence of how unusual it is I wonder? Or is it more indicative of how we were conditioned as children to be the way adults and peers wanted us to – often with doses of shame, chastisement and even ridicule?

      To say – you are allowed to dissent – is the dissent in itself. Is there some deviation you want to take? Sometimes the answer will be no. The experiment is to work in an environment in which the only rule is “you don’t have to go along with it” – the consequence is a hyper awareness of what is assumed, and the opportunity to take creative freedoms in a responsive way.

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