Zeigeist Non grata (words)

An experiment between Maija Liepins and Sarah Misselbrook
November 2019

Conversational Poetry via Whatsapp

[11:38, 11/20/2019] 

Hi Sarah – it’s Maija – Do you want to do an experiment with me? A call and response experiment. I send you a phrase and you send it back with changes from your point of view or from an imagined point of view. 
Like echoes revealing differences and similarities, for example:

“I shaved my hair because… ” or 
“The space between is…”
So we end up with at least two lines on the same thread
with diverging thoughts and see what happens!

[11:45, 11/20/2019]

sarah misselbrook: LOVE it!!

maija liepins: perhaps we could distinguish between normal messages and game messages by putting a name first…

[17:01, 11/20/2019] maija:

Rapunzle: I shaved my head to communicate that I didn’t need saving

Sarah: I shaved my head as an act of rebellion. To shed or rid myself of a traditionally ‘feminine’ attribute in order to avoid the prescription of beautification and adornment.

[08:06, 11/22/2019]

Sarah: I left my home country in search of something other, an alternative. I am still searching.

Maija: I left my home country like a horse bolting from the starting block (don’t think horses have starting blocks hmmm mixed metaphor)

Maija: The first time I left my home country I was 8 years old

Sarah: I was 11. I’ve always known that I didn’t belong. Why is it that I feel I belong where I ‘shouldn’t’? ‘Home country’ – what is that exactly? Where my family are? Where I was born? I came to live in a place where I couldn’t speak the language, I had no relatives or friends here and yet…

Maija: I left my home country in search of my people as New Zealand didn’t feel like my own (age 18)

Medusa: I left my home country to clear my name

Rapunzle: I left my home country in the dark of night, smuggled by hands unseen

Skadrite: I left my home for Austria the day before the Nazi’s marched into my home town

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