Zeigeist Non grata (words)

Maija says: sometimes I just let the words flow without knowing what I’m saying. I was reading my poems and I found this phrase: zeitgeist non grata. I had to google the two words but was rewarded with discovering the combo is related to dissent. I wonder if it would make a good albeit obtuse title for a work

Sarah says:
‘Zeitgeist non grata’ is a perfect title
It is as if the voice is more defiant
A silent protest
A visual communication of this structured text
When reading ‘my’ words
Upon reflection I ask
Is this me?
Or are the words emanating from 
a character 
I am creating
A distant ‘enigma’ 
A spirit of the times
These words are in 
The space between
the carbon copy lies here
an imprint
a legacy
a gift

[09:03, 11/24/2019]

Maija: wow!! My inner word mistress is gleefully flapping like a black be-robed hag on a windswept rock, dancing with the gleeful steps of a happy six year old. Bubbles of yellow joy and rainbow light within her frame as a world comes alive with the rhythm and texture and shape of crafted letters.