Zeigeist Non grata (words)

[13:24, 11/24/2019] maija:    

Rapunzle says: I didn’t shave my head to reject anyone,
but to redefine myself and communicate my position. 
I had work to do, I was undergoing a re-write of my story. 

Maija says: like the trees withdraw their energy from their leaves in the winter (causing the fall of flame bright colours)

[17:09, 11/24/2019] maija: remembering to echo…

Maija says: It is as if
By the mere act of typing
These words
I am defying the idea
that I could never be understood
that the meaning is lost in translation
(rendering it nonsense)

as i realise my meaning is already fading
like the line in the sand that a retreating wave makes, 
edging the sand with ocean spittle for pause
It’s a memory and a ghost
a transient thing 
Belonging to a moment past, to her
before the swell surges in again.

And I am soggy on my rocky outcrop 
That is blackwet and sea kelp threaded
Listening to the roar of wave power

at the meaning co-created
not to overwrite or underwrite
update or remediate
Rather we write like the surf marks the beach
A beauty to behold in the sound and the patterns
of life creating itself
in every moment fresh
as ocean breath.

[17:30, 11/24/2019] maija: remembering to echo…

Maija says: The ebb and flow
of belonging or not
the shifting plains of my heart
a whisper of wind 
of voices 
of feeling
trembling through me again
in colour
in motion 
Touching me with impressions
lighter than the invisible
deeper than the incredible
A whisper in a
a song
an impulse
in a message.
Bodily known
Emotionally sown
touching and being touched by the world outside my skin
No one ever talked about how sensitive we are
how sensitive we can be
What it’s like to feel it all and be
Sovereign responder
not sea sponge or people pleaser.
Gathering by the square
invited to claim the soapbox as our own
a common land
I see none of the youthful bolshishness of our first formation
There is talk of emotions,
anxiety and insecurity when faced with uncertainty,
tentative hesitation and frustrated complication
and all of it open like flags in the air.
An emotional ocean
finding a voice
Blowing in and tangling in my hair
A new zeitgeist of feeling?
Of emotional authenticity
And whole person welcomed in.
Dare we hope to call all our fragments home?
The child
The outsider
The tribal
The leader?
What world is this
and is it new?

[08:23, 11/25/2019] sarah misselbrook:

Sarah says: 

This morning
I am circumnavigating the bowl of nature
A natural amphitheatre at the mercy of 
Drought, flood and fire
Which sculpts the land, 
cremates the branches 
and cracks the soil.
My body acts and reacts
Working with the valley and its forest
as a line of defence
Protecting all life
A cohesive community
You will save me and I you.
This virtual connection
Passing the baton
Almost echoing
My lone voice
Surging and swelling
I SHOUT in isolation
to your whispers
Disturbing the surface tension
In search for the genuine.
Am I now the ‘prescriber’?
Have I adopted ‘that role’?
Or is it enough just to ask?
Of myself, of you,
Constant questioning,
Flowing in with such strength
Then ebbing away with reassuring self-doubt.

[08:47, 11/25/2019] maija: yes!! freedom to think 👌