Zeigeist Non grata (words)

[08:00, 11/26/2019] maija:

good morning and welcome to Tuesday! xxx it’s raining here with clouds hanging low. Some birds have just started cheeping (a wall of high pitched sound as if there is one hundred)

[08:13, 11/26/2019] sarah misselbrook:

Sarah says:
It’s as if there is a second Spring 
in the valley
It is 24 degrees, warm and dry and yet 
the North facing side of the valley is full of life

[08:14, 11/26/2019] maija:    

Rapunzle says: I watch the weather with Pathetic Fallacy like 
some people listen to music to find their mood in it

Maija says: Aaaaarg WHAT!? I just googled that and the literary term for personifying the weather with emotions IS Pathetic Fallacy! Judgemental fuckers.

[08:16, 11/26/2019] Maija: (its interesting how my writing mood has changed from whimsical to bolshy… i love the repetition of daily… thank you so much for that idea!) … bolshy isn’t the write word. grumbly?

[08:20, 11/26/2019] sarah misselbrook:

Sarah says:

A trick of nature
I begin to awake 
With the birdsong
Filing this amphitheatre
Repetition is reassuring 
Bolshy? Perhaps
Sharpening elbows at the morning market
Akin to the aging women in the village
Over coffee
And so much love
The days are short like yours 
But there is so much life
No leaves have fallen yet
That will take place in January
And even then only the fig bares its branches

[08:25, 11/26/2019] maija

Maija says: Blown away again. Wait, not blown away, blown in, into my my heart, intense as standing too close to a fire: this joy your words are in me.

[08:32, 11/26/2019] sarah misselbrook:

Sarah says:

Pathetic Fallacy
I am learning each day
Something new from you
So thank you
Then to connect
Or dismiss
That is the freedom of this
I recall my words from blockchain
Whether the weather allows
It governs me
Not only does it affect 
Mood and text
But daily activity
Chopping wood to keep warm
Preparing for the evening chill
Sitting still 
in summer in the shade
To draw with sweaty hands
I am guided 
A large comforting hand taking mine
And showing me the way

09.25, 11/30/2019 maija:

I am uncovering something new each day in dialogue with you.


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Zeitgeist Non-Grata

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