Shifting Lines

The energetic shock of yellow was out in full force last night. We welcomed at least 80 students, staff, and friends to a PV finale on Thursday evening. Karen Wood had made yellow striped bandannas marking out the quadruplet who would descend upon her red black and white tape installation to rip it up and down, removing it from the walls (video here). It was a very fun way to end the project with our visitors.

I’d like to think Karen’s invitation gave our visitors the chance to experience art work as a moving thing not a fixed point in time and space.

An ending
A beginning
Word seeds
scattered to the wind

thank you Karen @kbwoodnews
for the playful invite
To set the double yellows
to fly with us
Prancing new lines
across the floor
Circling @kz1y19 to talk about inside/outside
Wearing old lines
That lifted us up up
and dragged us down down down
Like birds on the thermals

The excitement in the air
breathed in
invigorates me too and still
it’s memory fresh
the vision new

Maija re-dressed in tape, modelling ‘wall art’
A five second action

new world of ash

The map has held me for a long time. I am a prisoner to the places that I am connected to and ultimately longing for, within this connection, this embrace, an unrequited love. I am outside, when once part of the inside. The memories that I have lost, the ones that I search and long for are now decimated, they are brother and sister to the scorched earth and politics of our time, the lost time is embers among the soil, among the blackened parchment, once lines and markers of territory for men. The map is burning, it will become ash and from the ruin, Genesis will begin to make a new world.