we have them in our world

Within and like a virus we have spread, developing in neurological and ethereal spaces, our words permeate and spawn into material works ,here they inhabit, in multiple places , ever expanding the virus will now spread further, into water entering as ghosts unseen Dissent manifests………..


rules of ash

The Dissent is what, to dissent is what, the map is gone to dust and ash, removed is the controls, the lines , the borders, the rules are mine.

1: all are excluded, they are inside, we are outside.
2: CAS is outside, they are the bonds between the spaces, between the inside and outside, you will be given the ash to dissent, to build, use, remake, Genesis will be thine!!!!!!

thinking of pirates and ghosts

Laurence gave us thoughts and introduced ‘Hydrofeminism’, certain lines really caught me, ideas relating to the notion of water having been constantly living and lived, it having history, recycled, so are we all ingesting the Ghosts of the water, the lives it has been part of, so will there be ghosts within the waters around us in WSA, will we as water beings be carrying ghosts and where does this leave us? Nicolas Bourriaud and his book The Exform talks of many things that relate to the theme of inside/outside. i will re-read, try to understand this better!

new world of ash

The map has held me for a long time. I am a prisoner to the places that I am connected to and ultimately longing for, within this connection, this embrace, an unrequited love. I am outside, when once part of the inside. The memories that I have lost, the ones that I search and long for are now decimated, they are brother and sister to the scorched earth and politics of our time, the lost time is embers among the soil, among the blackened parchment, once lines and markers of territory for men. The map is burning, it will become ash and from the ruin, Genesis will begin to make a new world.