Dissent Manifesto in 10min?

An invitation from Susan Francis

Tweet your own manifestos for practicing dissent


(When I get my hands on the print-out I’ll upload it here in case you prefer pen and paper)

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Live Online: Inside/Outside Symposium

Join us on Sat 2 Nov 2019

for a live version of the symposium at Winchester School of Art. 

Please note – Films will be released online for viewing during the timings of the symposium only

Programme for the Day

Please note additional Percha Kutcha link to Louis Braddock Clarke’s work here https://vimeo.com/370490193

10amWelcome on Twitter#LabofDissent2019
by Anahita Razmi
Roof Top Tehran
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
Dr August Davis
Curating Dissent
(LOD 2015)
Beyond Social Asumption
Adanma Nwnakwo
by Zula Rabikowska
Citizens of Nowhere
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
I’m trying to connect, Can You Hear Me?
Sarah Misselbrook
Beyond the Binary
James Aldridge
Karen Wood
Performing DNA…
Vivian Chinasa Ezugha
of Dissent…
Laurence Rushby
13.15Film by
Louiza Orlof
The Dark is Light EnoughOnline Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
13.30Film by
Helen Kirby Nelson
Seepage https://vimeo.com/369952536
13.45Film by Victor
López González
AtlasOnline Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
14.00Live Twitter Hour
with panel @WSA
15.00 Film by
Olga Schulz
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
Wrap up on Twitter#LabofDissent2019

Untangling Noises of Matter

Guest Speaker at the Inside/Outside Symposium Louis Braddock Clarke will talk about his art-research project ‘Untangling Noises of Matter’ which relates to a layer of geography outside of practiced human senses and therefore consciousness.

Louis Braddock Clarke with his ‘Radio Ear’

Louis Braddock Clarke (GB/NL) works as researcher and creative practitioner interpreting notions from domains of art, geography, physics and philosophy. He Seeks out concealed obscurities lurking in daily life, uniting cartographic language, new materialism and modes of peripheral vision. 

Louis with his ‘Radio Ear’ instrument, harvesting electronic signals and processing them to be experienced in an offline landscape. 

About the Talk

The shifting landscapes of material in a rapid economic world have led to electromagnetic phenomenas. Louis’ talk will draw in on the techno-centric layers of these human activities, showcasing tools and methods of unearthing the records of deep-time amalgamated in the chaos of signals on the surface. The analysis of these sonic-geologies allows for a positioning of the self within our current shifting landscapes.

The Observers

The Observers are all Associate Artists who will operate ‘Outside’ the agendas of the working groups, but they are also have an ‘Insider’ perspective as members of the CAS Associate group.

What functions and dynamics will emerge as the participating artists are observed?

The Observers have been tasked with documenting what occurs during the five week Laboratory of Dissent using whatever creative methodology they individually choose.

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