Zeitgeist Non Grata (source)

Sometimes I just let the words flow without knowing what I’m saying. I was reading my poems and I found this phrase: zeitgeist non grata. I had to google the two words but was rewarded with discovering the combo is related to dissent.

Lust and vigour
Soaking resting
Reclining partaking
Zeitgeist non-grata
Magna carta
Heart based realisations
Pulsing through the cut
Warmth reaches where 
Before was cold
And new life stirs
From its dream filled

Untitled, 2016, Maija Liepins

Every era has prevailing trends and world views specific to that culture. We often internalise the voices and stories of our cultures and conform to them. The forbidden, taboo and undesirable gets suppressed Inside and identities emerge around our idea of our approved place in the world…

New work on show at Winchester Gallery until Friday 6th December.

Zeitgeist Non-Grata

Featuring conversational poetry
between Maija Liepins and Sarah Misselbrook

Still from the film which has been described as “a chocolate box of brutal imagery”

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‘Reacting to you, I am in the space between’

By 2017 CAS Artists had been exploring the potential of dissent as a methodology for creative dialogue for some time. They decided to open the conversation to include others. Could their working methods be translated into remote collaboration through the creation of on-line residencies? What alternative voices and interpretations of personal dissent would emerge? Artists were invited to explore dissent during Block_Chain: The Power of Two (2018) and one of the participating artists was Sarah Misselbrook who completed her MA at Winchester School of Art in 2011 and now works from the wilds of Catalonia.

Sarah Misselbrook
Between Spaces (2018)
#BlockChainDissentArt Film


Out of the darkness I am here
responding and observing you…
Is this life?
Connecting to you
Disconnecting from you.
Do my actions go unseen if I don’t record them?
The chain records me,
I surveil myself, and I share this information with you,
Performances (although this applies an audience)
Reacting to you, I am in the space between
The void,
The far more intriguing negative me.

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Interview with August Davis, Curator of Laboratory of Dissent 2015

18 August 2019

What is Dissent?

Dissent at its barest minimum is objection. It’s also about difference. So it isn’t just about negation or rejection, it’s also about having an alternative.
It’s very much engaged with questions of orthodoxy and having an alternative doxa. So you are not just a naysayer, you are not just someone who is a contrarian, but you have a different point of view and you have an alternative reading or an alternative perspective that you want to proceed with.

Why is Dissent a good focus? 

I think it’s because we live in a world that is constantly trying to push for artificial consensus. That can actually, rather than being a unifying point, be a divisive point in society. Dissent is is a word that accommodates difference, and respecting the right for there to be different points of view.

If you look at geopolitical crisis right now, having the right to dissent is crucial. It shouldn’t just be a case of claiming to embrace dissenters, it needs to fundamentally and structurally be there to allow people to put forward their dissent.

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[Publication] Dissent: A Creative Practice (2018)

CAS’ first publication in the
Chapter 1. Dissent series reflects on the 2015 Laboratory of Dissent to consider ‘dissent’ as a creative methodology.

  1. Susan considers ‘the relational self’ and how it might create an interstice for a constructive dissent.
  2. Maija focuses on ‘individual dissent for collective change’ exploring how dissent is part of a non-linear process of mutual creativity.
  3. Yonat asks whether the performative act (including mis-performance) can be understood as a link between a painting and that “outside it”.

An exploration of theory and practice, this is an anthology of three very different essays by artists Susan Francis, Yonat Nitzan-Green and Maija Liepins.

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