Dissent Manifesto in 10min?

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5min with Adanma Nwnakwo

This summer I started asking a lot of questions, like why do I hate cockroaches and why do I like peacocks? And why do we humans think we’re the most important animals on this planet? Somehow we have managed to make ourselves look like the most important animals on the planet.

Those questions kind of made me realise that society is what we create.

We’ve kind of got so immersed in society that we don’t realise that we have created it. A lot of the things we think, or think we know, or how we think is based on what we’ve been taught. I don’t know anything outside of what I have been taught since I was a child: everything my parents said to me, or my teachers, or the interactions I’ve had with people… things I’ve seen around me. And any judgement I’ve made since I was a child is based on things I was taught.

So often when we think we are thinking outside the box, are we really thinking outside the box? Or are we thinking we’re thinking outside of the box? It’s a very confusing question. The week I was thinking about that, I just got very confused.

Then I started asking the question, why are people so precious when it comes to society?

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Social prescription and mental health; my participation requires no permission.

Click to hear Vivian talk you through her presentation
Performing DNA; social prescription and mental health is a new project that has been commissioned by the Yard Theatre, London, as part of NOW 2020.

The project stems from my most recent performance with clay, ‘Uro’, a 6-hour performance commissioned by SPILL Festival of Performance Art and based on the ideas of dying, rebirth, depression and clay as a material representation of degeneration and regeneration. Working with the ideas derived from the performance ‘Uro’, I have been exploring the boundaries of health and nutrition, dealing with depression, I used the process of juicing vegetables and fruits, to create rituals that enabled me to work through the difficulties I was experiencing. Through this, exploring notions of social prescription and health; the proposition of self-care as a socially performed medication

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Uro, a SPILL Commission at SPILL Festival 2018,
photo by Guido Mencari

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Beyond the Binary

Collaborating as Urban Rural Exchange

Presented by Karen Wood and James Aldridge

Our year
20 photos
Boxed within
A 6 minute slot
A story
A journey
An exploration
Of encounters
With each other
With others
All with words
Of why
Making sense
Of each noticing
Of being alive
In the moment


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Live Online: Inside/Outside Symposium

Join us on Sat 2 Nov 2019

for a live version of the symposium at Winchester School of Art. 

Please note – Films will be released online for viewing during the timings of the symposium only

Programme for the Day

Please note additional Percha Kutcha link to Louis Braddock Clarke’s work here https://vimeo.com/370490193

10amWelcome on Twitter#LabofDissent2019
by Anahita Razmi
Roof Top Tehran
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
Dr August Davis
Curating Dissent
(LOD 2015)
Beyond Social Asumption
Adanma Nwnakwo
by Zula Rabikowska
Citizens of Nowhere
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
I’m trying to connect, Can You Hear Me?
Sarah Misselbrook
Beyond the Binary
James Aldridge
Karen Wood
Performing DNA…
Vivian Chinasa Ezugha
of Dissent…
Laurence Rushby
13.15Film by
Louiza Orlof
The Dark is Light EnoughOnline Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
13.30Film by
Helen Kirby Nelson
Seepage https://vimeo.com/369952536
13.45Film by Victor
López González
AtlasOnline Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
14.00Live Twitter Hour
with panel @WSA
15.00 Film by
Olga Schulz
Online Screening now over. Visit Park Avenue to see it in person.
Wrap up on Twitter#LabofDissent2019