No Lines by Maija Liepins

No Lines by Maija Liepins
read by Karen Wood
An Explanation
Part 1
by Karen Wood
read by Karen Wood

Response to Maija’s No Lines

How did I miss these words when they were written
How did I miss this verse when it was posted
How did I a few months on
end up reading No Lines to my self
why did I record No Lines with my own voice
why did I post my voiced recording here?
why am I writing this verse?
why am I here?

“an explanation”

part I

today is my first scheduled
kbwoodnews research Monday
part study day, part studio day
I know
I should be over
on Yonat’s Blog
Monthly Mondays
I intended to be
then my login diverted me here
through a direct pathway to Laboratory of Dissent
this happens to me
I am easily distracted

to understand this process
I am sharing a little out loud
like i did over on block chain when I knew no better
I literally sat down and wrote
words without thought
arriving tumbling out of my head
I know not why

I have learnt to let the words out
I know through experience
they will eventually get to their explanatory point
the essence of what they are trying to convey
I know this to be true

why do I record the words of others you ask
this is my way of knowing each word which is written
first manually by writing it pencil to paper
where the spelling can be easily erased
I use thesaurus for all my textural needs
for words which look like they are oddly spelt
for words I do not understand
or when I know that there is a better word
to explain my connectivity with the meaning of the verse
or rather with what I think the meaning is to me
secondly voice recordings for my ears only or that is how this all started
I voice the words into my audio
stopping at a word which does not flow
a word which has a very strange sound
to my left ear only
as the right one is permanently in a woosh of internal sound
conveniently ignoring all external commotion

I will give you an idea of what I mean:
In M’s No Lines the first two words I bumbled were
perimeter, parameter
after trying to re-record these words four times over
I finally looked them up
perimeter (puh-rim-iter)
parameter (puh-ram-iter)
you may laugh for they are simple words
both words I discover are linked to my urban explorations
until today I have used much simpler terms
of border(perimeter) limitation(parameter)
in terms of space within my place-based practice