Surprise! Come on a journey of play and discovery at Winchester Gallery until Nov 6th December

One of the beauties of this project is the element of surprise. Kimvi and Clarisse (previously referred to as YoYo the Observer) were in the gallery after hours last night.

I later got a call from Kimvi to inform me that I might not like what she had done with my work. Nerves and excitement on both sides!

The gallery is always changing at The Laboratory of Dissent.

When you pop-in you get the chance to see the work evolving, influencing one another, thinking process laid bare.

Photo: Kimvi Nguten, ft. Maija Liepins’ ‘Thinking Threads’
Photo: Kimvi Nguyen, ft. Maija Liepins’ ‘Thought‘ digital print on 300gsm paper

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!

I prepared to set out on my maiden debut (of I knew not what).
A maiden voyage?
for this is what I found:

I really love it! I did not see my work was inside until I got up close.

The boats Kimvi has been making are designed to fit people inside.

You can come sit in our boat this week and also Tues – Fri next week. Please note the Gallery is temporarily closed from 11am on Thursday. Come for 5-7pm on Thursday 5th December instead.

Next Thursday is our Preview/Finale night! Please let me know if you can come! @maijaliepins on Instagram

Published by Maija Liepins

Australian born, mixed-media artist, Maija Liepins focuses on the sensory and emotional experience in her visual dreamscapes. Repetitive actions such as dream journals or collecting visual impressions with her mobile phone generates material with which to reveal the subtle, ‘underneath’. Maija’s drawings and films allude to a symbolic mythology as if the intangible substance of dream is a material as real as ink and clay. Her practice is driven by a pursuit of freedom - to express, to create, and to collaborate without inculturated inhibition.