Zeitgeist Non Grata (source)

Sometimes I just let the words flow without knowing what I’m saying. I was reading my poems and I found this phrase: zeitgeist non grata. I had to google the two words but was rewarded with discovering the combo is related to dissent.

Lust and vigour
Soaking resting
Reclining partaking
Zeitgeist non-grata
Magna carta
Heart based realisations
Pulsing through the cut
Warmth reaches where 
Before was cold
And new life stirs
From its dream filled

Untitled, 2016, Maija Liepins

Every era has prevailing trends and world views specific to that culture. We often internalise the voices and stories of our cultures and conform to them. The forbidden, taboo and undesirable gets suppressed Inside and identities emerge around our idea of our approved place in the world…

New work on show at Winchester Gallery until Friday 6th December.

Zeitgeist Non-Grata

Featuring conversational poetry
between Maija Liepins and Sarah Misselbrook

Still from the film which has been described as “a chocolate box of brutal imagery”


I have used the Laboratory to dig deeper into the themes and imagery of dreams and fairytales calling on the spirit of the times through dialogue, re-writing my ideas of myself like Rapunzle did when she shaved her hair.

When her hair was short she left a roll of parchment trailing out the window – her words then were her only connection to the Outside world for a while.

See also: The first telling; the woman with no hair

Experimenting in the Laboratory of Dissent 2019 I have begun to think about the artwork as an invitation to conversation. Witnessing the lived experience of Art In Action. How do you share the invisible? Maybe it remains a private thing, until the seeds of a dialogue spout and take root in our lives. There is the creativity I am most interested in. What emerges in The Space Between.

The process of creating this film involved a conversational poetry experiment with artist Sarah Misselbrook. I invited her to collaborate with me, by echoing the first words of my morning messages and making it her own.

Published by Maija Liepins

Australian born, mixed-media artist, Maija Liepins focuses on the sensory and emotional experience in her visual dreamscapes. Repetitive actions such as dream journals or collecting visual impressions with her mobile phone generates material with which to reveal the subtle, ‘underneath’. Maija’s drawings and films allude to a symbolic mythology as if the intangible substance of dream is a material as real as ink and clay. Her practice is driven by a pursuit of freedom - to express, to create, and to collaborate without inculturated inhibition.