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  1. My conversational (poetry?) pondering

    Kickoff, a word charged with energy
    Not kick-off but kickoff delivered fast like a forceful exhale
    or like the k’s are rattatatting like a woodpeckers tap

    Kickoff she says
    Karen spinning through the air already
    like dice thrown on a board
    I imagine her sneakered feet landing
    (or should that be her runners aussie?)
    SMACK against ashphalt

    a leap

    not landed

    She is still flying
    The wind beneath her arms
    Red jacket flapping in that waterproof
    Rustle kind of way

    (I imagine)

    Point is…

    Point of impact is… a kickoff is directional

    Spring, sprung, shot
    Leap, lift, aloft
    Smack Crackle Pop
    Sensory Sensational Visceral
    Bodied movement
    A moment in action

    A moment just beginning.

    Audio: http://www.chapelartsstudios.co.uk/laboratoryofdissent2019/?p=262
    Download: http://www.chapelartsstudios.co.uk/laboratoryofdissent2019/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/KarenKickoff.m4a

    1. Maija
      I awoke at midnight
      with words flowing out
      in response to yours
      they were too many
      for a comment
      they wanted to
      become a post
      “An Encounter”
      they will be

      I thank you M
      for your cross pollination
      from your group
      of whispering
      to ours
      of unplanned response

      Ok ok I know I talk too much
      the truth?
      I just want to say out loud
      here where the comment will go unseen by most
      CAS let’s start this game of play
      with your definitions
      I agree to settle for the word GROUP
      (or is it category? 🙃)
      while in secret I whisper BLOCK
      as the word is more exciting to me
      Dissent in the ranks
      let it be
      – – –

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