Initial thoughts….

My views are sometimes strong but I nearly always have fluidity in my views and opinions. (My partner finds this frustrating as hell). I can be persuaded by some good arguments, maybe not always to change my stance, but definitely to see another side. I feel like I flow very much with other humans…… as a child and younger woman this was very much around wanting to be liked…. Then this moved more to empathy and diplomacy…sometimes avoiding conflict……. Now…. it’s probably a mixture, but maybe it is also about this fluidity between each other. Sharing space….. Sharing water energy…… protecting our own space and water, our bodies…. Our emotional energy…

“Particularly within the French feminist tradition of écriture feminine, the fluid body of woman is invoked as a means of interrupting a philosophical tradition that both valorizes a male (morphological, psychological, symbolic, philosophical) norm, and elides the specificity of “woman.” Astrida Neimanis

There is a ‘fear’ of fluidity/flux… things or bodies that are ‘unstable’ or ‘different. Pregnant bodies…… diseased bodies…… bodies that change or are different, and a power shift with these bodies… children who are growing… have less power. When pregnant, women often feel less control over their own bodies and there is an assumed power given/taken by medical professionals during this time, which also happens for bodies when someone is ill and certainly this definitely happens with relation to disability too doesn’t it?…

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  1. I can really relate to the fluidity in which my thinking operates – it’s not so much changeable in a flip-flop way but – totally like water!

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