Reaction to The Whisperers…

I love your starting points and the soap box. Like speakers corner in Hyde park.

How will you invite people to use the square? Who will feel comfortable doing so? Will it be those who always speak out already? Or will others feel empowered to do so?

A white square, like the white cube space of some galleries…. Will it feel so art world that only those comments felt fitting for the art world will be made? or those theoretical or academic enough? Using art speak? Or lay terms?

Will this invite radical views or smaller irritations? Does it matter? Are my question showing my own pre judgements about what I feel is welcomed in such spaces?

How do we invite those who are NOT present to speak? Where are they? And what would they say? Would they speak at all or simply step over or around the strange white painted square…..

Will I speak? Will it be truthful? Will it be dissenting and dissenting to whom?