Group name: Mermaids and Pirates

Title; ‘Adrift in the more than human’

(inspired by Astrida Neimanis’ text ‘Hydrofeminism…’, 2012)

Participating Artists:


Four years after the Laboratory of Dissent 1, we , artists, explorers of dissent, teachers and simply humans, are coming back to face the consequences of our actions. Now in a different group settings, we will face the challenges attached to  revisiting the tensions and resistance experienced in our past undertakings. Laurence Dube-Rushby, spent a month as a British Council research fellow in Venice Biennale in August, and offered a text to the group to reflect on, work and diffract from, to perhaps find new consensus. An opportunity to  consider the possibilities of setting new conditions within which one works as much against the grain as  one moves with the flow in creative undertakings. Facing the challenges of new conditions and parameters originally dominated by political, economical and social criteria, we are now having to rethink our positions within a  state of emergency where we consider ourselves as survivors in of the near future in the context of rising tensions around climate change.

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‘The water is coming! No matter what we do, the water is coming!’ (extract of our recent group conversation)

Within this realisation, group 1 invites to consider how we may become ‘more than human’ and  evolve beyond ourselves? How can we build from ‘relational beings’ towards relational ‘doings’ and ‘becomings’?How our environment and spatial awareness, our own bodies will be shaped by our minds through water?  How can our artistic endeavor inform new relational concepts beyond a binary conditioning, through ‘hydrofeminism’, inspired by Astrida Neimanis’ text; (‘Hydrofeminims Or, on becoming a Body of Water’ , in Undutiful daughers: Mobilizing Future Concepts, Bodies and Subjectivities in Feminist Thought and Practice, eds, henirette Gunkel, Chrysanthi Nigianni and Fanny Soderback, NY., Palgrave Macmilllan 2012.)

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