An Urban Rural Exchange

Artists Karen Wood and James Aldridge will present how different viewpoints, practices and working environments can support a developing awareness of what exists ‘beyond the binary’. 

Between November 2018 and November 2019 artists James Aldridge (Wiltshire) and Karen Wood (London) have collaborated as Urban Rural Exchange.

Meeting for bi-monthly walks in Wiltshire and London, and maintaining a dialogue online via instagram, James and Karen have documented their experiences of where they live and work, through collections, bundles, tape drawings and photographs. 

‘For me our collaboration is about taking these identities, that we, our work, and our home environments have been given, and exploring them. Blurring the boundaries between them and by doing so deconstructing the labels.’

James Aldridge

On November 2nd Karen and James will talk about how place-based arts practices can support a developing awareness of what exists ‘beyond the binary’. Their short talk will take place at our Inside / Outside Symposium at Winchester School of Art.

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