5 comments on “Outside, inside the Forest”

  1. This was really quite potent, to experience at the Symposium and was referenced throughout the day as conversation unfolded. For example, The illustration of being inside and outside at the same time depending on the perspective and categorisation in ones language was really useful. Thank you so much Sarah Misselbrook! I loved it so much I laughed, and still have no words. Andy seemed to feel the same. My words will come eventually.

    1. Wow! I was trying to imagine how it would be received in the gallery space environment, on a big screen. I just can’t. I look forward to reading your comments. It has been a valuable experience to contribute to the event in a small way. I look forward to witnessing further exploration within the next 5 weeks.

      1. The symposium was in a lecture theatre. There were silent films on a large screen in the foyer. Yours was actually one of the few recordings with sound!!

        1. I wonder how loud you had the volume! It surprised me how loud I could shout! I don’t shout very often! I look forward to your comments and to watch how your artist group develops… now’s the time for whispering…

          1. It wasn’t that loud, but you could hear how loud you were shouting. It amplified the sense of distance!

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