5min with Adanma Nwnakwo

This summer I started asking a lot of questions, like why do I hate cockroaches and why do I like peacocks? And why do we humans think we’re the most important animals on this planet? Somehow we have managed to make ourselves look like the most important animals on the planet.

Those questions kind of made me realise that society is what we create.

We’ve kind of got so immersed in society that we don’t realise that we have created it. A lot of the things we think, or think we know, or how we think is based on what we’ve been taught. I don’t know anything outside of what I have been taught since I was a child: everything my parents said to me, or my teachers, or the interactions I’ve had with people… things I’ve seen around me. And any judgement I’ve made since I was a child is based on things I was taught.

So often when we think we are thinking outside the box, are we really thinking outside the box? Or are we thinking we’re thinking outside of the box? It’s a very confusing question. The week I was thinking about that, I just got very confused.

Then I started asking the question, why are people so precious when it comes to society?

Because on whatsapp what I choose to write… I would write like 15 pages for my status, and people would be like, what are you doing!?

I would be asking questions like why is school the way it is, causing so much mental trauma for children? Why do we have to go through this stress? Why is it so long? 21 years is a lot.

But people didn’t take it, people were just upset.
“Just go with it, that’s how it’s meant to be.”

I think over time we have gotten so lost in the society we have created, that we have forgotten that we can actually change it.

And it doesn’t have to be the way it is if it no longer suits us. We can decide to do something different, or think outside the box, or come up with a new idea. And that’s what I think people need to realise now.

We are made to believe that life is a straight line where you’re a kid, you go to school, you work, you start a family and you die after that. And you’re complete and you’re fulfilled because you have money and you have children. But I don’t think that’s a very fulfilling life. Personally. (It doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea).

I feel like, why do we have to take just those steps?

If we zoom out and take it to the wider way of looking at life, we don’t know how we got here.

We don’t know how this world was created.

We don’t know how this came into being, and somehow we are just here.


How did it get so reduced, to the point that that’s ok?

And I think when you zoom out you kind of realise that damn, anything is possible!

Because if our entire existence is a mystery, then nothing is set in stone, there is nothing that is: This Is It. And that means, because there is no “this is it”, anything can be. I felt that looking at life from that perspective was very interesting. Just realising that anything is possible, because literally everything is nothing. And we don’t know anything.

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