First Day Notes and Thoughts

Establishing some sort of structure

approaches and words

ephemeral – lasting for a very short time. brief deciduous evanescent flash fleeting impermanent momentary transient transitory

ephemeral – lasting only one day

origin ~ from classical Greek ~ an organism with a brief life cycle

layering of memory experience of memory through touch

HANDS on thinking

memory as prosthetic as a ‘add-on’

Cocoon – it is a covering of silky threads that the larvae of moths and other insects make for themselves before they develop into adults, if you are in a ‘cocoon’ of something you are wrapped up in it or surrounded by it.

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  1. Hello Julia, ephemeral, yes. In the moment. One day. Its all of value, and yet it is so easy to measure ourselves against others (or more accurately our own internal judgements of what we should be or be doing). I am at my ‘what now?’ moment, after initial ‘in the moment’ play, and so am reading through what everyone has been up to. Would love to chat more sometime, do let us know when you are next in x

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