We currently live in an increasingly polarised society where for many reasons you can find yourself either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. Divisions exist politically environmentally, ideologically, economically and socially. Through conversation and creative participation we can learn more about ourselves, and working collaboratively.

The Screen

4 Nov – 6 Dec 2019

Citizens of Nowhere (film still)

An Inside/Outside exhibition of 25 short films

On Park Avenue you will find a screen facing the street. Look inside from the outside, to see a selection of short films.

Visit the Laboratory

Participatory installation
‘Clothing Exchange’

As part of the Laboratory of Dissent 2:0 (Inside/Outside) Artist Susan Merrick will be bringing her participatory installation ‘Clothing Exchange’ to the gallery for the next couple of weeks. The exchange involves the Artist offering items of clothing to audiences in exchange for an item of clothing from themselves. What will you let go of? What parts of yourself do you shed for others? Can this exchange show us something deeper? If you would like to take part (and take away a piece of clothing) then please visit the gallery when Susan will be there. 

Tuesday 19th Nov 10am -1pm
Thursday 21st Nov 10am -12:30pm and also 3:30pm-5pm
Tuesday 26th Nov 10am – 1pm

Finale: Thursday 5th December, 5-7pm

Save the date and join us for the culmination of our Inside/Outside experiments!

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Inside/Outside Symposium

Saturday 2nd November 2019