Mysterious Secret Door

The crystal gate 

vibrates in welcome

Deep toned rich toned

music it makes

Refracting white and glowing deep 

colours of the heart.

A wisdom sleeps

beyond this door

A prison keeps you

from knowing more

Shake off your

shoulders the encrusted

silt and free your

Limbs from the vigorous vine

you must will it

Truly fully ask it

knowing it will meet you

Beyond the secret door 

Willpower 2017

Post Rebellion: New Terrain

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Disturbing the status quo #labofdissent2019

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The lower rotunda this morning, my square under the stair is gone
A new square of papers awaits my response
Unknown event
Unknown event
List of Artifacts

Top-left: bloom of yellow and a paper lily (group 3)
Top-right: close-up photograph of an ear on Andover College paper
Bottom: Artifacts from a visit from James (left, a boat) and Andy (middle, words in ash)

Dialogue (Andy and Maija)
Julia and Kimvi, arrangement by M.L.

A conversation with Kimvi about live-art, honest work…


Whilst Julia browsed the university library, I took a call from Kimvi and we discussed many things. The context was having ‘a bad day’. In that case, I’m grateful that Kimvi took the opportunity to call me, and in the process lift my spirits as well. Connection. Honesty. Reflection. Kimvi tucked into a plate of cold chicken as we spoke and I’m not entirely sure if this was multi-tasking or rather a modern equivalent of a sit down dinner over which to talk and refresh ourselves. The conversation quickly turned to our hopes and ambitions for our time in The Laboratory of Dissent.

Note to self: assess the context

It’s easy to forget the context in which we make, act on our personal vision, and create.

Our environment and situation, and also the culture in which we are placed all play a part in creating resistance, challenges and (also) opportunity.

These questions are an antidote to the inner critic:

  1. What aspects of your cultural environment are at odds with what you are trying to do?
  2. And have you given yourself credit for what you have achieved in that context?

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Maija’s manifesto ideas

Ideas in 10min

1. Become guardians of the land

By learning about the ecosystems within and with which you co-exist.

2. Rewrite the culture of property ownership.

Replace with a culture of guardians of the land and its ecosystems.

3. Re-write common law.

Become commoners without lords (landowners)
Know your history and tell your story

5. Take your freedom not from others in perpetuity but from within and for everyone

6. Co-create through dialogue not consumption


I have uploaded the paper I drafted in 2015 ‘Art: The Common’ when we first started plotting Dissent. Plotting the map. The landmarks. The passions.

Welcome to the ‘common space’.

I feel the pull to revisit the themes as they are more relevant than ever.

Day 3; Water Lily Adaptions


“Maija, you are the day, and I am the night!”

(Kimvi commenting on our work routines)

Following my last post about Day 1 in the Rotunda, I received some WhatsApp messages from my fellow collaborator Kimvi Nguyen. I am unlikely to see much of her in person during the project, as ‘life’ dictates a kind of tag team routine while I go in the morning and she after work, after dark. Her messages showed she had arrived, and after some difficulty accessing the building left me a surprise for me to find the next morning.

My second day on ‘lily-pad island’ was spent preparing my thoughts. I wrote a stream of consciousness on paper, in which I asked myself…

“Where am I in all of this?”

I began giving voice to the water all around me, “I am not the sky or the trees you see reflected here…” that sort of thing. And I remembered the membrane or ‘skin’ of the water. I noted it was the border between “above and below”.

Frankly, day 2 was miserable.

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First Day Notes and Thoughts

Establishing some sort of structure

approaches and words

ephemeral – lasting for a very short time. brief deciduous evanescent flash fleeting impermanent momentary transient transitory

ephemeral – lasting only one day

origin ~ from classical Greek ~ an organism with a brief life cycle

layering of memory experience of memory through touch

HANDS on thinking

memory as prosthetic as a ‘add-on’

Cocoon – it is a covering of silky threads that the larvae of moths and other insects make for themselves before they develop into adults, if you are in a ‘cocoon’ of something you are wrapped up in it or surrounded by it.