Day 3; Water Lily Adaptions


“Maija, you are the day, and I am the night!”

(Kimvi commenting on our work routines)

Following my last post about Day 1 in the Rotunda, I received some WhatsApp messages from my fellow collaborator Kimvi Nguyen. I am unlikely to see much of her in person during the project, as ‘life’ dictates a kind of tag team routine while I go in the morning and she after work, after dark. Her messages showed she had arrived, and after some difficulty accessing the building left me a surprise for me to find the next morning.

My second day on ‘lily-pad island’ was spent preparing my thoughts. I wrote a stream of consciousness on paper, in which I asked myself…

“Where am I in all of this?”

I began giving voice to the water all around me, “I am not the sky or the trees you see reflected here…” that sort of thing. And I remembered the membrane or ‘skin’ of the water. I noted it was the border between “above and below”.

Frankly, day 2 was miserable.

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5min with Adanma Nwnakwo

This summer I started asking a lot of questions, like why do I hate cockroaches and why do I like peacocks? And why do we humans think we’re the most important animals on this planet? Somehow we have managed to make ourselves look like the most important animals on the planet.

Those questions kind of made me realise that society is what we create.

We’ve kind of got so immersed in society that we don’t realise that we have created it. A lot of the things we think, or think we know, or how we think is based on what we’ve been taught. I don’t know anything outside of what I have been taught since I was a child: everything my parents said to me, or my teachers, or the interactions I’ve had with people… things I’ve seen around me. And any judgement I’ve made since I was a child is based on things I was taught.

So often when we think we are thinking outside the box, are we really thinking outside the box? Or are we thinking we’re thinking outside of the box? It’s a very confusing question. The week I was thinking about that, I just got very confused.

Then I started asking the question, why are people so precious when it comes to society?

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Reaction to The Whisperers…

I love your starting points and the soap box. Like speakers corner in Hyde park.

How will you invite people to use the square? Who will feel comfortable doing so? Will it be those who always speak out already? Or will others feel empowered to do so?

A white square, like the white cube space of some galleries…. Will it feel so art world that only those comments felt fitting for the art world will be made? or those theoretical or academic enough? Using art speak? Or lay terms?

Will this invite radical views or smaller irritations? Does it matter? Are my question showing my own pre judgements about what I feel is welcomed in such spaces?

How do we invite those who are NOT present to speak? Where are they? And what would they say? Would they speak at all or simply step over or around the strange white painted square…..

Will I speak? Will it be truthful? Will it be dissenting and dissenting to whom?