thinking of pirates and ghosts

Laurence gave us thoughts and introduced ‘Hydrofeminism’, certain lines really caught me, ideas relating to the notion of water having been constantly living and lived, it having history, recycled, so are we all ingesting the Ghosts of the water, the lives it has been part of, so will there be ghosts within the waters around us in WSA, will we as water beings be carrying ghosts and where does this leave us? Nicolas Bourriaud and his book The Exform talks of many things that relate to the theme of inside/outside. i will re-read, try to understand this better!

Phase 1: Exploring

As I write, I can hear the rain dripping, splishing, splashing.

My attention is on the water, as a result of reading other artists’ posts on this blog so far.

If there is water connecting us, absorbing the vibration of all the sounds and movements of our thoughts and actions, then Group 3’s square which will appear in the gallery is like an island.

An island abutting an ocean, land rising up out of the water to kiss the air.

It is, a place to stand.

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