Stirring in between spaces; whisperation, murmerette

Week 5

Night Visits

I’ve been on a quest
for the immediacy

The moment here.
The breath, the whisper
In the space between
The whisper of wind is unseen.
A visual artist makes visible
the invisible senses?
The hidden things
in between the spaces.
Negative space
Dark matter
Other world faces
Rain spatter.
Water floods and 
fire takes to the sky
an elemental maelstrom
A sparkle in your eye.

I have been thinking about The Whisper

Whispering is defined as speaking very softly using ones breath instead of ones vocal chords.

This makes sense of the phrase “the whisper of wind”

Which, in turn, explains my sense that a whisper can touch, tickle, and stir movement in your state of being the way that wind can touch the skin.



Push mightly in gusts

Blow out the cobwebs

Play with your hair

Chill you to the bone

I tense myself against autumnal winds

Go giddy in the summer breeze at dusk

In all these ways the breath can speak to the body

The wind can carry sounds

and meanings

but it’s touch and impact is below sight

experienced with all the senses

or not noticed at all

like the whisper

‘the underground’ momentum

of the invisible river

on which I sail my boat.

Responding to your whispers

Intrigued by the imposed audio limitations placed upon your artist group, I can assure you that your whispers are coming through ‘loud and clear’.

Observing you on your ‘island’, your cell, I can connect with you from my ‘natural soapbox’ (a large protruding rock within the valley). I will respond with a ‘rant’ with a self-imposed limitation that it should come from this place. However, the quest for clarity of thought, of word, of action risks going unseen.

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Where is the Dissent?

I feel a bit vulnerable about this post, because it is a true unedited reflection of my morning thoughts.

Morning of Tuesday 15 October 2019

I would like to, in the course of my group residency, find a moment of dissent I can call my own.

Is it possible to find a deeper truth?

I always thought truth would be firm enough to stand on, at least for a moment, like a stepping stone in the river. Until then, my intentions are to show up for a dialogue. To show up without an agenda that would contextualise my actions… so it will be uncomfortable.

It will be uncertain.
But I will be open to possibilities,
I will be open to influence
And in the flux I will find my
standing place:
Balancing the inside with the outside

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The Whisper Cell

Participating Artists: Julia Keenan . Maija Liepins . Kimvi Nguyen

With presence and site-responsive curiosity we will use the surfaces such as windows and floor to investigate our relationship with dissent.

Maija, Day 1

We recognise that to stand alone, to stand out, to be the only one who says no, or calls it out, takes great courage and personal conviction. So we will use the Laboratory of Dissent as an incubator for creative dissent. 

When our group were initially offered a site at the school, it came with the proviso that we be quiet during classes (shhhh!) Consequently, our attention turned to how we could occupy space and work with sound in direct response to the limitations of ‘quiet space’.

Julia Keenan, Listening

In a series of whispered monologues and recorded conversations the artists will explore the ways they see, feel, or think differently and how they can be themselves, with particular attention to documenting what arises internally and between them and their environment.

Day 1, The Dissent Incubator

The Soapbox Experiment

Objective : Making meaning from the unknown – being ourselves

Julia Keenan, Kimvi Nguyen and Maija Liepins (the whisperers) present The Soapbox. A live art experiment which asks how comfortable we are with sharing space with alternative points of view. We will create a space / zone where we are allowed to be ourselves: a version of a ‘soap box’, a space for meditation, hold workshop, rest . . .

A 1.5m x 1.5m white square will set the perimeters of our actions. We are welcome to do anything inside this square, be ourselves, work, sleep, eat experiment, bring things in etc. We can share the space at the same time. Interesting to record and to watch our constraints and behaviour. What will manifest in a restricted space?

@maijaliepins @litlLinden

There will be a chance to come to the square and see us get on our soapbox.

Will the soap box concentrate, amplify, and contain our internal energy? 

We want to understand what our personal dissent is, and what meanings we can co-create when meeting the unknown.

The responses of “the other” are unknown. 

How will the location of our experiment provoke, inspire and confuse our understanding of Dissent? 

Our willingness to practice ‘being ourselves’ without giving way to social or institutional pressure will inform the tension and creativity that is generated in the space between self and other.

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